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Rigging Services

It is Important to Place Your Rigging Order Via Phone or in Person
It is very important to talk with an experienced sailor to match your needs with custom rigging solutions. Call us to discuss your needs so we can create custom rigging products for you.

12 Strand Eye Splice   $12.00 per splice   
For single 12 strand braids (E 12, V 12 and Amsteel) or the uncovered cores of high tech double braids (V100, Endura Braid, Flight Line and Warp Speed).  Photo shown with sail makers thimble
 This splice will take two feet of line to complete. 


Double Braid Eye Splice          $16.00 per splice
A "Double Braid" eye splice is core-to-cover. Both the core and the cover share the load. Used for double braids like StaSet. 
 This splice will take two feet of line to complete.

Hi-Tech Eye Splice        25.00 per splice
A core-to-core splice. The core takes all the load and the cover is protection for the core. This splice is for lines with high tech cores like V-100, Endura Braid, Warp Speed, VPC, XLS Extra and Flight Line.  Photo shown with Ronstan RF6600 on VPC
This splice will take two feet of line to complete.

12 Strand 'Luggage Tag' Splice       $12.00 per splice
Used to attach your halyard shackle for easy replacement, or to attach a sheet directly to a sail's tack or clew, thus avoiding the weight of a shackle.
This splice will take three feet of line to complete

Reeving Splice        $6.00 per splice
This 'eye splice' is a non load bearing splice on the end of your halyard to easily install. Attach your halyard messenger line to the reeving splice and pull the halyard up through the mast. For installation purposes only.
This splice will take one foot of line to complete

End Whips           $4.00 per whip
Whipping locks the cover to the core and prevents movement. Recommended for any type line.

Snake Core or bulk core       $25.00 plus cordage
High tech cordage is so strong that they enable you to downsize to a smaller diameter. But sometimes too small for your clutches to hold. We can insert a short length of 1/8" or 5/32" line in to the core,  increasing the line's outside diameter where its clutched

Stripped Cover for Sheets and Halyards         $30.00
Removing the cover from a line is a great way to rid unnecessary weight at the clews of your sails. We use V-100, Endura Braid, Warpspeed and Flight Line coated cores so the covers can be readily stripped

Split Tail Mainsheet         $25.00 plus cordage
Using 5/16” or 3/8” and splice it to a 5/32" Amsteel tail. Then we splice a second tail of 5/32” Amsteel into the first.  The ends of the tails are left unspliced so they can be tied to the desired length. Call us with your length requirements (Photo is smaller dia. cordage for a small boat)

Interlocking Core Splice       $55.00 plus cordage
This splice is primarily used for halyards but we have made sheets like this too. We take Dyneema or Vectran 12 strand and interlock the cores together to StaSet. Either a stripped tapered halyard or completely covered. This allows the cordage that is in your cockpit after the sail is up to be the relatively cheaper StaSet. The locking core splice is behind where the halyard is clutched so the cordage up the mast is strong. This set up tends to work out cheaper than making the halyard from all V-100 or Endura Braid or the likes.


Cover Splice         $50.00 plus cordage
Complete replacement of a cover. Or by adding Dyneema or Vectran 12 strand to a cover.

End for End Splice     $20.00 plus cordage
Splicing two ends together making a continuous loop. Primarily used for a roller furler.
Most always we would have to make the splice on the vessel. Service call fee may apply.

Nicropress       $5.95
Hand swaging of nicropress sleeves onto wire.